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Cross Over Week and Tax Compromise

February 9, 2019Blog Post

Last Friday seems like a universe away. The revelations and allegations over the past week have been difficult to process for all of us -- and I can't even imagine the pain that this has caused the African American community and those who have been the victims of sexual assault. Thank you to the many constituents who have called and sent emails expressing their thoughts and concerns. My prayer for Virginia is that, while extremely painful, we will use what is happening today as an opportunity to heal and bring us together.

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Town Hall Meeting on February 2nd

January 28, 2019Blog Post

I am looking forward to my 2019 Town Hall Meeting with Senator Chap Petersen on February 2nd. The meeting will take place from 9-11 a.m.

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General Assembly Update - Focus on Early Childhood Education

January 25, 2019Blog Post

Last call! Don't forget to take a few moments to fill out my 2019 Constituent Survey. Your feedback is important as I consider how to vote on numerous issues. I am particularly interested in your input on proposals to allow casino gambling and sports betting in Virginia. 

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David's 2019 Legislation

January 20, 2019Blog Post

If you haven't already, please take a few moments to share your thoughts on issues facing the General Assembly by filling out my 2019 Constituent Survey. Also, mark your calendar for my Town Hall Meeting with Senator Chap Petersen. The meeting will take place on February 2nd from 9-11 a.m.

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First Week of Session and 2019 Constituent Survey

January 15, 2019Blog Post

This past Wednesday, the Speaker gaveled in the Virginia House of Delegates for our 2019 session.  Technically a "short" session at 46 days, we will still consider thousands of bills and potentially significant changes to our biennial budget.

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Final Constituent Coffee of 2018/Great Constituent Ideas

December 6, 2018Blog Post

On Saturday, December 8th, I will hold my final informal office hours of 2018 at Main Street Bagel in the City of Fairfax. I will be there from 9 to 11 AM, so stop by to ask q

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Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot

October 26, 2018Blog Post

This upcoming Election Day, voters will be asked to approve two proposed amendments.  Both of them deal with Article X "Taxation and Finance."  In general, Article X provides that all property is to be taxed, and that like property should be taxed at the same rate.  Exceptions must be specified in the Constitution.

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Fall Office Hours Schedule

September 20, 2018Blog Post

I am pleased to continue a tradition started in 2006 by holding Fall informal office hours.  Constituents can share an issue or ask questions about legislation that is likely to be debated during the 2019 General Assembly. The format is casual and no appointment is needed.  Coffee is on me!

Below is the full schedule.  All events will take place from 9 to 11 a.m. 

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New Laws Effective July 1st

July 2, 2018Blog Post

This year, 2,606 bills were introduced in the General Assembly. Of those, 837 passed both the House and the Senate and were ultimately signed by the Governor. Most of these went into effect on July 1st. Below, you will find a selection of some of the new laws passed this year. You can also click here for a more comprehensive overview of legislation, including bills that did not pass .


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Session Wrap-Up and Next Steps

March 12, 2018Blog Post

On March 10th, the 2018 legislative session adjourned sine die - meaning that the regular session is now in the history books.  While much was accomplished, one major issue remains unresolved.  Unfortunately, the House and the Senate budget conferees were not able to agree on our biennial budget. 

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