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Proudly Serving the City of Fairfax and Parts of Fairfax County

I'm David Bulova and I represent the 37th District - the heart of Fairfax - in the Virginia House of Delegates.

As a life-long resident of Fairfax, I know how hard we have worked to build a vibrant and caring community.  We need common-sense leadership in the General Assembly to continue to build our quality of life and to invest in our future.  We also need leadership that will work with, and not against, our county and city governments to solve our common challenges.

I believe strongly in the value of public service, responsibility, honesty, hard work, and fairness.  I also believe in listening.  Each of us brings an important perspective and I value your input.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

I hope that you will explore my website and check back for updates and special events.  Together, we can make the 37th District an even better place to live, work, and raise our families!  Feel free to contact me with your feedback on any issue.

I look forward to hearing from you.

News From the 37th District

David's 2017 Legislation

January 21, 2017Blog Post

This year I have introduced 16 bills and resolutions on a wide range of issues. These include measures designed to better prepare our children for a 21st century workforce, conserve our natural resources, protect victims of crime, and ensure transparency in decisions made by homeowner associations. Below are some highlights.

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2017 Constituent Survey and Town Hall Meeting

January 13, 2017Blog Post

Greetings from Richmond!  The 2017 Virginia General Assembly gaveled into session on January 11th.  This year is a “short” session – which lasts 45 days.  Despite the compressed time-frame, there is a lot of work to do.  So far, 941 bills and multiple constitutional amendments have been introduced in the House alone.

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2016 Report from Richmond

July 17, 2016Blog Post

One of my most important jobs is to keep you informed about the decisions being made in the General Assembly and to make it easy for you to share your ideas.  Click here to download my 2016 Report from Richmond. Inside you will find a selection of some of the new laws passed this year that will affect our community.

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Remembering Sergeant James W. Robinson

April 11, 2016Blog Post

I have always been proud to have graduated from James W. Robinson Secondary. Today, exactly 50 years ago, Sergeant Robinson died in Vietnam after "unsurpassed" heroism -- single handedly destroying a machine gun position and saving the lives of multiple GIs, all while being shot four times. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Today, I remember and thank you Sergeant Robinson. Click here to learn more about this true hero.

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General Assembly Approves Delegate Bulova's Bill to Preserve HOV-2 on I-66

March 8, 2016Blog Post

On Tuesday, March 8th, the General Assembly approved my House Bill 407, which will prohibit converting I-66 from HOV-2 to HOV-3 prior to 2020.  The original plan for I-66 inside the Beltway was to convert to HOV-3 for the purpose of tolling.  While VDOT backed-off of this plan, HB407 will ensure that future administrations cannot reverse this decision.  Unlike I-95/395, the infrastructure does not exist along I-66 to support the higher HOV designation.

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